A residence for LGBTQ2S+ seniors is under construction


Being LGBTQ2S+ is much more accepted today than it was when most older people today were young. But that doesn’t guarantee they’ll be surrounded by staff and residents who will accept them as they are once they need the extra support that assisted living offers.

“Many people in our community come from a long and painful history, which is one of the main reasons why this is so important to our elders,” MacKinnon said.

There is already significant demand. Of the 212 people who responded to a March 2020 survey about the project, more than 60 people said they would be willing to move into the building within the next two to four years. The rest of the respondents said they might be interested in the future. Having people ready to move in was key to moving this project forward.

The cost was estimated to be around $21 million in 2020, but would likely be higher today given rising construction costs and real estate prices. EPSG will apply for a mortgage as well as federal and municipal grants and donations to pay for the project.

The vision includes event rooms and a dining room to accommodate guests.

“Our respondents wanted it to be more than just accommodation; they wanted it to be a community and to feel like home. And that meant being with their friends,” MacKinnon said.

The group wants the building to be designed in a way that allows people to age in place, with services such as home care, mobility assistance or other types of support to meet their needs as they age. they age.

“In the design, we have space for health care and home care providers to have offices in the building,” MacKinnon said.

Alberta’s population is aging, with the baby-boomer generation almost fully reaching retirement age. The 2016 municipal census numbered approximately 135,000 Edmontonians over the age of 60.

Toronto and Montreal already have senior residences catering to LGBTQ2S+ people, while Winnipeg and Calgary are working on similar projects.

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