DFS Marketing publishes a book to enable successful retirement planning


DFS Marketing’s new eBook, 6 Retirement Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them, will empower readers to make responsible retirement decisions.

DFS-Marketing empowers those planning and approaching retirement to make smart financial decisions with its new e-book 6 retirement pitfalls and how to avoid them. Download the free e-book and learn how to overcome the greatest adversaries to long-term financial security.

Planning for retirement is a hot topic – 700,000 people will reach retirement age in 2022 and nearly 70 million people have access to social security benefits. Yet 22% of Americans have saved less than $5,000 for retirement and 15% have no savings.

Additionally, more than a third of Americans feel they don’t know enough about retirement, but only 38% worked with a financial advisor in 2021. Financial literacy is more important than ever, making it essential for workers in research investment options and take control of their retirement planning.

6 retirement pitfalls and how to avoid them

DFS Marketing has brought together the six retirement pitfalls outlined in this new e-book through collaboration with insurance agents and financial advisors. Its goal is to provide readers with the information needed to meet the challenges of retirement planning.

The e-book, written by DFS Marketing Director of Business Operations Chris Knight and Managing Director Jamie Eisenman, includes an overview of each trap, example situations, definitions of key financial terms and worksheets. The six pitfalls to avoid in retirement are:

1.Time: The “fragile decade”—the five years leading up to retirement and the five years immediately after—is most important in determining whether a retiree has saved enough money.
2. Fees: Over time, even small annual fees can have a significant impact on the net worth of a retirement account. This section also examines whether higher investment fees lead to higher returns.
3. Inflation: Rising prices in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic have retirees worried, but a diversified portfolio of stocks and real estate, for example, can help fight inflation.
4. Market Volatility: Taking more control over a wealth management strategy and planning for the worst-case scenario today can provide tremendous control over wealth later in life.
5. Long-term care: Considering long-term care in retirement planning is essential. Some insurance-based options include tax deferral and death benefits.
6. Health Care: While many retirees plan for utility bills, groceries, insurance, and other necessities, they often fail to put money aside for future medical expenses.

About DFS Marketing

DFS Marketing works with independent financial advisors and insurance agents who sell fixed index annuities to pre-retirees and seniors. His webinar series “How to Sell in a bear market” offers a range of support and covers topics such as which products offer the best value for customers and tips for annuity advisers.

Additionally, DFS Marketing My retired iQ The website gives a free retirement health assessment so workers can determine their financial risks. Users simply fill out a short questionnaire and receive a personalized 16-page report that outlines their retirement health and areas of concern and enables them to make data-driven decisions about their financial planning.


DFS Marketing makes it easy to acquire financial knowledge and grow long-term wealth. Armed with My Retire iQ and the new eBook, 6 retirement pitfalls and how to avoid thempre-retirees can make informed decisions about their financial planning, overcome common adversaries, and retire with confidence.

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