Dogs Trust’s oldest rescue dog, 15, seeks a nursing home to nap and snuggle up



Shih Tzu Billy is the oldest resident of Dogs Trust in the UK and is desperate for a relaxing, warm home to spend the rest of his years snuggling and dozing on the sofa.

It takes someone special to adopt a senior dog like Billy

When adopting a canine companion, their age often plays an important role and older dogs are usually put aside in favor of puppies.

Although there are so many benefits to owning an older pet – like less training and exercise – dog confidence say they are among the hardest to find homes.

The animal welfare charity is urging adopters to consider rehoming elderly pets, following an influx of stranded numbers at rescue centres.

Shih Tzu Billy is the oldest resident of Dogs Trust in the UK at 15, and one of many senior animals struggling to get noticed.

Billy hopes to end his life with a loving family


Trust of Dogs)

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Phoebe Parsons, spokeswoman for Dogs Trust, told the Mirror: “Handsome Billy is an endearing gentleman who, despite his advanced age, still has lots of love to give to his new family.

“He would appreciate nothing more than a relaxing nursing home to call his own.”

Billy is both visually and hearing impaired and hopes to find a supportive home where he can live out his twilight years.

He is looking for a patient, adult-only family who would love to have a new “shadow”, as Billy likes to keep in close contact and follow people.

He gets very attached to his favorite people.


Trust of Dogs)

“Her favorite pastimes include enjoying a great meal and dozing off all day on a cozy bed, or taking a nap at her favorite person’s feet,” Phoebe said.

Billy could potentially live with another older dog, who would be tolerant of Billy’s clinginess and clumsiness.

Having his own garden is essential, so that he can enjoy a good scent on familiar ground.

The old man would like to live in a house where he always has company, so a minimum of two people would suit him best.

His adopters will have to be local to the Shoreham reception centre.

Billy is like a typical old gentleman


Trust of Dogs)

Director of Dogs Trust Shoreham, Adel Burnett, said: “Not only can adopters of older dogs enjoy all the wonderful times their canine companion brings, knowing they have given a senior dog a peaceful and loving home. for his last years is a comforting feeling that cannot be matched.”

Shih Tzu Billys include Lowchen Princey, 14, Jack Russell Arnie, 12, and Jack Russell Terrier Ella, 9.

If you are interested in adopting one of these senior dogs, please visit Dogs Trust website.

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