HDFC Life’s #CakeForThought Campaign Starts a Conversation on Timely Retirement Planning


Today, Indians aspire to be self-sufficient in their post-retirement years. The growing trend of nuclear families makes it all the more of a necessity. However, when it comes to actually planning for retirement, people often procrastinate. HDFC Life is highlighting this reality in its latest #CakeForThought initiative.

“HDFC Life has taken a unique approach to starting a conversation about the need for timely retirement planning. They surprised Ranveer Brar- chef, Kavita Kaushik- actor and Vijay Prakash- singer, with thoughtful birthday cakes. The neatly arranged pieces (large and small) of each cake give a clear perspective on how a delay in planning could significantly impact his retirement corpus. Each cake is a visually striking illustration of how early planning can build a higher retirement corpus – making it #CakeForThought,” the company said.

The campaign was amplified on social media by Ranveer, Kavita and Vijay where they express how receiving the #CakeForThought retreat on their birthday made them reflect on the importance of timely planning in order to achieve their dreams.

Speaking at the launch, Vishal Subharwal, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of E-Commerce and Digital Business, HDFC Life said, “Timely planning is key to any financial planning exercise. All of our campaigns have focused on this need. The idea for #CakeForThought was born out of the idea that while most Indians intend to retire on their own terms, there is a gap between that intention and actual action. Here, we’ve gone further to highlight the impact of delay on the retirement corpus, through a visual epiphany – the ‘#CakeForThought’ retreat. Our goal is to encourage individuals to start planning for their retirement early, through this film. »

Speaking about the campaign, Rajdeepak Das, CEO and Creative Director – South Asia, Leo Burnett, said, “The ‘CakeForThought’ campaign is a great amalgamation between data and culinary art. In our country, only 1 in 3 people do financial planning and with this campaign we wanted to inspire people in their 40s to start thinking about retirement planning. And what better way to grab their attention than sending them a cake on their birthday, which shows how timely financial planning can help them achieve their retirement goals. We worked with the Vanilla Miel pastry shop to create these cakes which were a work of art in themselves.

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