Integrity Partnership Expands Health Insurance and Retirement Planning Offerings from Russek Financial Services


“Integrity continues to build our life, health and wealth protection capabilities by partnering with exemplary companies, and today we added another amazing partner – Russek Financial Services,” shared Bryan W. Adams, co-founder and CEO of Integrity. “Integrity’s technology and systems are tailor-made for successful agencies like this. Jeffrey has always put his agents first, and now he can offer them access to more resources, better products and stronger insurtech solutions than ever before.In turn, thanks to Integrity’s one-of-a-kind platform, Jeffrey gains support and bandwidth that allows him to devote more time and energy to serving his agents and its customers. We couldn’t be more excited to support the growth of Russek Financial Services as they work to achieve new business goals and help more Americans plan for the good days ahead.”

After more than a decade in corporate finance, jeffrey russek launched Russek Financial Services with the goal of providing peace of mind to its clients about the future of their health and wealth. The agency quickly distinguished itself as a leader in helping seniors navigate Medicare, providing exceptional customer service and personalized solutions for each client’s situation, with additional expertise offered by Certified Financial Planners. Today, Russek Financial Services offers a wide range of insurance products and retirement advice to consumers in the North East.

“In this business, relationships are everything,” explained jeffrey russek, president of Russek Financial Services. “It takes the right people to help your business succeed at the right time. Without a doubt, Integrity is the right team to help us achieve our next level of service and success. We believe in treating our customers the same honest and upfront way we would treat a family member, and it has helped us maintain close relationships with many of them for years. It was so rewarding to learn that Integrity treats its partners and customers with the same care and concern. They understand that helping families find the coverage they need is what matters most. With Integrity’s industry-leading technology, there is so much more we can offer our customers, from MedicareCENTER to advanced marketing resources.I am excited about the future of Russek Financial Services as an Integrity partner.

Integrity will help Russek Financial Services streamline its operations by integrating corporate back-office functions into its centralized business services. These areas include people and culture, technology and innovation, finance, legal and compliance, and access to a world-class marketing and advertising business. Additionally, Integrity’s platform provides Russek Financial Services with unparalleled insurtech products and systems that help agents work more efficiently and meet consumers wherever they are. They include intuitive customer relationship management software, insightful data and analytics, and ongoing product development.

Russek advisors will have the opportunity to contribute and learn from Integrity’s large and diverse network of partners. This exclusive peer group collaborates on best practices and strategies to optimize insurance and financial processes. By continually striving to create and integrate comprehensive solutions, agents and advisors can ensure that more Americans are prepared for the good days ahead.

Additionally, Russek Financial Services can now offer its employees meaningful ownership of the company through the Integrity employee share ownership plan.

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Integrity, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a leader in the distribution of personal insurance and a provider of innovative solutions for wealth management and retirement planning. Through its network of partners, Integrity helps millions of Americans protect their lives, health and wealth by committing to meet with them wherever they are – in person, by phone and online. Integrity’s advanced technology helps streamline the insurance and financial planning experience for all stakeholders. In addition, Integrity develops products with carrier partners and markets them through its distribution network of agencies, brokerages and RIAs across the country. Integrity’s approximately 6,000 employees work with more than 450,000 agents and advisors who serve more than 10 million clients each year. In 2022, Integrity will help carriers place more $12 billion new sales and oversees over $20 billion in assets under management and advice through its RIA and broker platforms. For more information, visit

About Russek Financial Services
Based at North Haven, Connecticut, Russek Financial Services is a broadly diversified financial services company committed to helping people. They believe in building and fostering advisory relationships with clients, providing exceptional financial products and services, and providing their team with meaningful opportunities to provide meaningful advice and guidance to clients in achieving their goals. and financial goals. Russek Financial Services has more $75 million assets under management and advisory and serves thousands of clients each year. They strive to be the financial services provider of choice in every community they serve by demonstrating a level of ethics, competence and professionalism. For more information, visit

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