Joe Lacob rips Lakers for recruiting from nursing home


The Golden State Warriors are playing the best basketball we’ve seen this season, and at the right time. Almost back to full strength for the first time this year, the Warriors took a 2-0 lead in their playoff series against the Nuggets. Owner Joe Lacob isn’t surprised by the Warriors’ playoff success and fired at the Lakers while explaining how it’s all part of the plan, Going through Athleticism.

Lacob told Tim Kawakami that “this is the team we paid for,” before subtly firing a shot at the Lakers, whose offseason spending ended up blowing up in their faces.

“There are a few teams, I’m not going to say who, there are other teams that have gone all-in with older players. And older players get injured. That’s the thing you have to remember. Suppose we made a trade, traded all of our youth, because I don’t know, you name the guy, and they’re hurt, out for the year. Anytime you’re over 30, 32, or 35, those people get hurt. That’s data.

Well, if that’s not a stunt against Rob Pelinka and the Lakers, we don’t know what is. The Lakers have been riddled with injuries to key players throughout the year, particularly Anthony Davis and LeBron James. LA went all-in in pursuit of another championship this offseason and fell flat on their faces. The acquisition of Russell Westbrook and the general exodus of young talent in favor of veteran players has been a proven disaster, and Lacob’s comments will only rub salt in the wounds of Los Angeles fans.

As the Warriors navigate the NBA Playoffs, the Lakers sit on the couch wondering where it all went wrong. Maybe if they focused their recruiting efforts away from a nursing home, they could put out a more capable squad next season. Both teams struggled with injuries throughout the year, but the Warriors’ roster proved far more capable of handling some absences than the Lakers.

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