Maple Leafs Quick Hits: Nursing Home, Kadri and Thunderbolt


In this edition of Toronto Maple Leafs Quick Hits, I will comment on three topics. First, I share some of the comments from fans who disagreed with signing Mark Giordano. These comments were not edifying.

Second, I’m going to share the story of Nazem Kadri’s success last night in his game against the St. Louis Blues, in the shadow of death threats and racial slurs caused by his crushing of Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington.

Third, being a Maple Leafs fan, I will comment on my own thoughts on the Maple Leafs nearly beating the Tampa Bay Lightning in the first round of the playoffs and then the Lightning swept the Florida Panthers, who were the most successful. team during the regular season.

Quick Hit One: The Maple Leafs roster as a retirement home

Some Maple Leafs fans make me shake my head. Recent fan comments about Mark Giordano, 38, signing a VERY team-friendly deal with the team caught my attention – and not in a good way.

A few questions come to mind: What would a long road trip with the person who made the comment look like? (I don’t want to know.) How do they talk to their children? (Again, I don’t want to know.} Were they picked out of batches when they were little? (Again, I don’t want to know – not really.) Finally, will they age gracefully? (I believe I already know the answer.)

A lot of posts have been written about signing former Mark Giodano two days ago now with the Maple Leafs. Agree with signing or not from a quality hockey perspective; however, no logical person can deny that the signing was a generous gesture by a valued hockey player to the organization he recently came to play for.

The Maple Leafs wanted to sign Giordano and he wanted to invest and be part of the future of this team. The word was even that he was offered $1 million, but he came back and flipped that offer so the team could use the money to find other players to help the team. It’s generous; it’s team thinking first.

Not everyone would – obviously.

In the comments section at the end of these posts, fans had their say on the signing. Some oppose it and others support it. Everything is fine. But the level of comments from those who disagree with the signature, to me, just made me shake my head.

Some, for example, go something like these (Note, I tweaked each a bit, but I don’t think I changed the meaning or tone).

“Now the Male Leafs have become a retirement home for former players who feel sorry for the team and need to give back.”

“The message Giordano gives is that Toronto is a retirement home where anyone who wants to play a few more years – Spezza, Thornton, Brodie, and now him – is welcome.”

“Giordano’s new retirement job is being a Wall-Mart host who greets opponents in the offensive zone like going through a turnstile.”

I was confused by the comment and only had to list a few. I can count at least five different traits or groups of people that these comments have offended. Why go there?

Quick Hit Two: Nazem Kadri may be polarizing, but he’s a good player

Former Maple Leafs player Nazem Kadi got into trouble in Game 3 of the Colorado Avalanche’s win over the St. Louis Blues when he and St. Louis defenseman Calle Rosen ran over the goalie of Blues Jordan Binnington in the slot. The incident forced Binnington out of the game with an injury. He will not return to this series.

The game, which took place in St. Louis, generated a number of threats of violence against Kadri (including racial slurs) and the Avalanche organization worked with local law enforcement to investigate those -this.

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