New houses, a new school and a retirement home planned in the development of the candidature


More than 300 homes, a primary school, a retirement home and a neighborhood center are part of a development application submitted this week by Hartford Homes.

Consisting of several fields on land east of Braddan Road, the planned site for the 328 houses was zoned in the Area Plan for the East (DBH002) for housing despite significant local opposition.

Braddan Road is the hill from the Jubilee Oak roundabout towards the hospital. Braddan’s existing school is on it.

Hartford’s application is for full approval of a residential development comprising up to 328 housing units and a neighborhood center with associated freeway and pedestrian/bicycle access and infrastructure, drainage, landscaping and space open public, as well as an approval in principle for a two-tier primary school. , as well as a 68-bed retirement home and associated access/infrastructure.

Of the 328 houses planned, four would be two-bed bungalows, nine would be three-bed bungalows, 44 would be three-bed houses, 125 would be four-bed houses, 62 would be five-bed houses and two would be six-bed houses. .

Plans also include 58 affordable two-bed units and 24 three-bed units for first-time buyers.

The proposed access to the site would not initially be via Ballafletcher Road, but rather via Braddan Road, south of the elementary school, between the cemetery entrance and the Braddan Bridge.

However, it was indicated that the main access road would be constructed to the northern boundary of the site with the adjacent field south of Ballafletcher Road, allowing the road to continue to this road at a later date.

Hartford’s application states: “The new main site access road will be 6.75m wide with 3.0m wide shared use sidewalks/cycle lanes on both sides of the carriageway.

“The walkway will connect to the existing walkway layout on Braddan Road to the north of the access. There will also be a level crossing with a pedestrian refuge to allow pedestrians to cross over the existing sidewalk on the west side of Braddan Road.

“The proposed pedestrian path / cycle path will also continue south along the site frontage for approximately 35 meters and will connect to another uncontrolled level crossing and a pedestrian refuge. The existing retaining wall will be rebuilt and located behind the proposed shared pedestrian/cycle lane on Braddan Road.

A separate emergency access of three meters is also proposed in the northeast corner of the site to Hollin Bank, which will also provide pedestrian/bicycle access from the site to the Tromode Woods area.

While the homes and community center space are slated for full approval, Hartford’s application includes two aspects that are only to be approved in principle.

The first of these concerns the primary school on the flattest part of the site west of Hollin Bank. The request states: ‘The proposed school is shown for guidance on the general site plan and will be presented by the Department of Education in the future through a reserved request should this become necessary.’

Apart from the school, the retirement home is only subject to an application for approval in principle.

The proposed 68-bed house would include access and landscaping sites and would be no more than three stories high. The care home plot is located in the south west corner of the site, which is the lowest part of the site and is well screened by the existing landscaping.

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