New partnership aims to boost customer engagement and retirement planning


Link Group’s personal money management partner, Moneysoft, and FCN will leverage cutting-edge Moneysoft PFM technology, which will enable money coaches to help their clients across a wide range of wealth-building and personal finance activities , such as reducing debt, building assets, paying for education and planning for retirement.

Moneysoft PFM has fully digitized processes commonly used in financial coaching, counseling and personal money management, such as customer onboarding and fact finding, data entry, transfer, report generation and tracking goals. These features are designed to save business users a lot of time and money, while improving the overall customer experience.

A significant number of financial advisors and coaches in Australia already use Moneysoft, the capabilities of which are now being rolled out to FCN’s Coach Network in the US.

Dee McGrath, CEO, Retirement & Superannuation Solutions at Link Group, commented on the international expansion, saying they are “delighted” that the agreement between Link Group and FCN has expanded their offering to “support individuals and coaches in their journey to superior retirement and wealth outcomes in a new market,” particularly in the United States.

“This partnership reflects a culture of collaboration between Link Group and FCN.

“The solution is purpose-built to improve client onboarding completion rate, dramatically increase the efficiency of financial coaching services, and reward clients with unprecedented collaboration opportunities and achieve desired financial results. “said Ms McGrath.

FCN co-founder Joshua Escalante Troesh said FCN’s “mission” is to help 6.4 million households in the United States change their financial future by “helping financial coaches create and grow successful businesses”.

“Applying Link Group’s Moneysoft PFM technology to our Money Coach offering will enable our coaches to dramatically improve the coaching experience and client results.”

“The software enables Coaches to effortlessly provide clients with visibility into their cash flow and provides the necessary reporting for Coaches to be true accountability partners and advocates for their clients’ success,” Troesh said.

Link Group and Moneysoft entered into a strategic partnership in 2016, enhancing Link Group’s offering to both pension funds and listed companies, opening opportunities for collaboration on new products and innovations.

New partnership aims to boost customer engagement and retirement planning


Last update: July 12, 2022

Posted: July 13, 2022

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