Pensioners instruct Osun government to make up for their N50 billion unpaid pension benefits


Osun State Contributing Pensioners Chairman, Mr. Oyadare Gbenga, on Tuesday called on the state government to speed up action to offset the pensioners’ pension benefits set at 50 billion naira which he holds for six years.

The chairman who made the appeal during a program at the state secretariat of the Nigerian Pensioners Union office in Osogbo said giving pensioners state contributors 1.1 billion is not a big deal sum of money for the amount
is a drop of water on a very hot pot that has been burning for six years.

He said: ‘I want to tell you that 1.1 billion is only 2% of our demand so we cannot get out of this problem in the next five years unless the government borrows and we have asked the government to borrow because of what pensioners contributors have with PENSOM is over 13 trillion in Nigeria.

“We have been insisting on our demand since November 2020 when we sorted out the entrance to the secretariat, the governor gave us a committee and we presented to the government that it was high time to get to work, to do something, to work more to get out of the problem immediately. Unfortunately, since then, what the government has been able to do is dip its finger in the water and throw it in a very hot pot.

“It’s been burning for six years, the fire is burning under the pot because every month people retire and join the queue in the back and the queue does not move in the front.

“My members in Osun State have amputees because they are diabetic, and so they cut their legs, we have blind people, people who have high blood pressure and are paralyzed. Our children in UNIOSUN government universities are kicked out because we can’t afford the fees and we have millions with the government.

“We can’t take it anymore, the government needs to start talking now, about how to get out of the problem, otherwise we will express our annoyance because we have endured ensuring we are saved from state-killing debt. ”

“We shouldn’t sacrifice pensioners for Osun’s debt, if Osun has a huge debt, everyone should be ready to bear the limit, for example, whatever Aregbesola took when the debt was approved by the House of Assembly.

“However, we suggest that the government stop paying political office holders for the next six months and use their salaries to offset the debts of retirees. It is unfortunate that injustice was introduced into the public service because the law which guided it had been violated.

‘The law says, three months after retirement take your benefits and go but the reverse is now the case as not all monies deducted from our wages were remitted to the PFA we wrote two letters to the pen com in Abuja and we have petitioned Osun state government that they own us 50 billion,” he said.


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