Pioneering Financial Planners RetireUS Announces Revolutionary New Wealth Management and Retirement Planning Technologies


In just four minutes, RetireUS’ revolutionary proprietary technology enables individuals to chart a clear path to financial freedom, for as little as $10/the week.

PHILADELPHIA CREAM, May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — RetireUS is launching an exciting online platform designed to help Americans easily chart a clear path to financial freedom. The full-service program makes retirement planning with a Certified Financial Planner™ more affordable than ever, with subscriptions available for as little as $10 / the week.

Nearly half of Americans think working with a financial advisor is only for the wealthy, and current data indicates that only 30% of consumers work with a paid financial advisor.1 This is likely due to their high price (on average, fee-based CFP charges $5,000/ year). 2

RetireUS offers a new solution that breaks down barriers through technology and innovation. Their free Retreat checkpoint quiz allows users to begin their planning journey by completing a simple 4-minute multiple-choice assessment. The quiz eliminates the need for a lengthy consultation and instead collects information on the client’s progress in retirement, investment psychology and savings behavior.

Retirement Checkpoint immediately analyzes client data and generates a comprehensive report in an easy-to-understand format. Each custom report includes a retirement timeline, as well as an assessment of the pace of retirement, tax planning, and overall planning risks. Based on the results, the checkpoint builds a personalized recommendation indicating which RetireUS subscription best suits the user’s needs. This innovative approach reinvents traditional retirement planning, putting clients at the center of the financial planning process with a focus on convenience and accessibility.

“The investment industry is known for keeping high-quality retirement advice reserved for those willing to pay an extreme premium and devote hours to an arduous financial planning process. RetireUS was designed to change that paradigm. and make expert financial advice more accessible and more expensive.Our free retirement checkpoint gives clients the power to easily assess their own progress in retirement and choose a planning relationship that fits their needs and to their budget.” -Michael A Scarpati, CRPC Co-founder/CEO of RetireUS

With the launch of its full-service retirement advisory platform, RetireUS enables individuals to chart a clear path to financial freedom on their own terms and at their own pace. Their industry-leading retirement planning technologies, including their free retirement checkpoint, can be accessed at

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