Proposed 7-story senior residence in Victoria


A seven-storey nursing home is proposed instead of a disused three-storey building on the outskirts of Victoria, on the corner between Triq Fortunato Mizzi and Triq l-Universitas, a short distance from the Arcadia shopping center opposite gas station.

The proposed works consist of the demolition of the existing disused building, the construction of a rest home with 66 rooms built on 7 floors including one set back, a semi-basement and 3 basement levels to accommodate 45 parking spaces. .

But the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage has already objected to the proposed basement due to the archaeological sensitivity of the area. “Rock blasting is unacceptable as it may disturb the finds that extend beneath the site.”

Archaeological finds adjacent to this site include a Punic-Roman quarry “bearing technological similarities” to the extensive quarries found at Gozo College, about 150 meters away.

The Superintendence has also commissioned a visual impact study including photomontages of views of the development of Cittadella, towards Cittadella, and long distance views from key vantage points.

The project is proposed by landowner Simon Grech. The PA had already approved a commercial development on the site in 2008 but this was never realised.

Policies governing building heights for nursing homes allow two additional floors beyond local plan boundaries, but specify that the resulting design must conform to the urban context and that no blank walls are created. The policy was intended to address changing demographics and the shortage of rooms in nursing homes, which is particularly acute in Gozo.

So far, the applicant has presented visuals of the proposed project as seen from the road. Din l-Art Helwa also denounces the visual impact of the project.

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