Ram Vilas Paswan’s bungalow in Delhi is likely to be President Kovind’s retirement home, repair work in full swing


By Payal Mehta The 12th Janpath Road Bungalow attributed to former Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan, where he lived until his last breath, will soon find a new occupant.

According to the sources, Paswan’s bungalow will be President Ram Nath Kovind’s retirement home. Repair work is currently in full swing at the Lutyens bungalow. According to information and data available from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, this property has currently been assigned to the Minister of State for Skills Development and Entrepreneurship of India Rajeev Chandrasekhar. However, Rajeev was unable to move into his new home as its former occupant, Chirag Paswan, did not leave the house after his father’s death until he was recently evicted.

The General Pool Bungalow, 12, Janpath (Type -VIII) was awarded to Ram Vilas Paswan on March 14, 1990, in his capacity as Minister of Labor and Welfare at the time. He continued to occupy the bungalow over the years in various capacities. As per official rules, the family was eligible to keep the bungalow until November 7, 2020, on a free furnished basis and for an additional month upon payment of normal rent and payment of water and electricity charges.

“The dates the eviction teams were dispatched to the 12 Janpath bungalow were August 5, 2021, September 1, 2021, February 7, 2022, February 22, 2022, and March 15, 2022. Finally, the team proceeded to evacuation on March 30, 2022,” the sources added. Type VIII bungalows are usually assigned to Union ministers. This bungalow was to be allocated to ministers of the Modi government, who were sworn in on July 7 last year, some of them, who continue to live in apartments given to them as MPs, said sources.

Prior to Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the bungalow was assigned to Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav, who also moved to other official accommodation since junior Paswan did not leave the house. According to sources, the bungalow was first offered by the government to Chirag Paswan’s uncle and Union Minister Pashupati Paras, who declined the offer. (ANI)

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