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Not only that, but the cautious pair are now leaning in and saving for their retirement. The young couple shared with the sacrifices they had to make as well as some advice for those looking to follow in their footsteps.

The average age of a first time buyer in the UK is 34, so reaching it over 10 years earlier than the norm is quite an achievement.

Josh and his wife Tabitha bought their first home in Swindon three years ago when they were just 23.

Although it hasn’t been easy, the couple say the sacrifices they made were well worth it.

In fact, buying their own property is one of the best things they’ve ever done.

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The couple still love having their own space, but now that they’re on the property ladder, they haven’t really put their feet up.

Josh invests all the money he has in his ISA Free Trade so they can be financially free when they retire.

Although investing is still fairly new to him, Josh’s confidence is growing every day.

He said: “As my investing experience has grown, I’ve learned to deal with the fact that the markets go up and down so the volatility doesn’t phase me so much. than when I started.

“I’ve also learned over time to make sure I have a sufficiently diversified portfolio to help me manage market volatility.”

Josh continues, “Currently I have investments in alternative power sources such as ITM Power and Plug Power as well as investments in electric vehicle companies NIO and Tesla.”

The green investment movement is estimated at £30 trillion globally – and this is set to grow rapidly in the coming years as climate change, energy security concerns and soaring oil prices drive investment in renewable energies.

Josh wants to use his ISA to ensure financial freedom when he retires.

He added: “I am currently contributing to an employer pension and intend to buy a property or two in the future so I have as many sources of income as possible.

“For me, it’s about staying true to your investment goals no matter what the market does. The key is time in market, not market timing.”

Simon Jones, managing director of Investing Reviews, said the younger generation is taking their financial future seriously and it’s even possible for someone to retire from a millionaire in their 40s if they start investing. early enough.

He said: “Assuming an average annual return of seven per cent, it would take an investor maximizing their allocation of £20,000 a year around 22 years to reach millionaire status.

“Someone who begins their investment journey in their teens or early twenties could potentially amass a million by the time they hit their 40s.”

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