Ronaldo is building a luxurious €21m retirement home in Lisbon


Cristiano Ronaldo is certainly in the fall of his football career. Throughout the season, pundits have raised the issue of his waning return for Manchester United. Although his record of 18 goals for Man United this season is commendable, the team have suffered on several occasions due to their reluctance to take on defensive duties.

Moreover, with Erik ten Haag set to join United as their new manager, rumors had it that Ronaldo would be sidelined as his style doesn’t suit the new manager.

Now at 38, the call for retirement has started to gain traction. Given his reputation, it’s highly unlikely to see him play for some mid-table clubs. Ronaldo has already started building a lavish penthouse in his homeland to move into after his retirement.

The initial budget for this project, located in Quinta da Marinha, was estimated at approximately 12 million euros. However, the disruption caused by the war between Ukraine and Russia has pushed the cost up to 21 million euros, as reported by the Spanish site SEE.

The house will also have an impenetrable bunker, an apocalyptic architecture that has become so commonplace for the billionaire. Spreading over 3,000 square meters, the sumptuous villa houses a tennis court, a state-of-the-art gymnasium, a spacious garage and two swimming pools.

Cristiano RonaldoVilla 2

Ronaldo is the supervisor of this project, while his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez is in charge of taking care of the interior decoration. Rodriguez hired her best friend and renowned architect, Paula Britto, who is also an employee, for the decoration. Britto chose the finest Italian marble, solid gold faucets and exclusive Louis Vuitton murals for Ronaldo’s dream project. Construction is expected to be completed by 2023.

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