Veteran BCCI scorers ask Sourav Ganguly to provide ‘pension benefits’

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Veteran BCCI scorers ask Sourav Ganguly to provide them with “retirement allowances”

They have recorded thousands of points scored by Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli as well as hundreds of wickets taken by Kapil Dev and Anil Kumble only to discover that their own “record” is dismal after decades of loyal service to Indian cricket.

These are retired markers accredited by the BCCI.

About 17 of them have now appealed in unison to BCCI President Sourav Ganguly in search of some sort of “retirement” after bidding farewell at the age of 55.

The initiative was taken by veteran Mumbai Cricket Association scorer Vivek Gupte, who on behalf of 17 scorers across the country appealed to Ganguly via email to help the financially struggling section of the ecosystem. of Indian cricket.

“While we asked the BCCI to increase the retirement age for scorers, which requires much less physical exhaustion, the BCCI has now raised the age limit for referees from 55 to 60 years old,” lamented Gupte during a conversation with PTI.

“In our request letter, we also mentioned that all of these ‘retired’ markers are senior markers who have been in the scoring business for about three decades.”

BCCI-accredited scorers now receive Rs 10,000 per match day, but in the post-COVID-19 world, their income has dropped significantly as BCCI was unable to host a red ball tournament last season.

However, it was the former goalscorers, who are now retired in accordance with BCCI policy, who have had a hard time, with most of them not having a plan B for the hard times.

“When we started grading the payments were meager – less than Rs 50 / – per day. The senior scorers have dedicated their lives and everything to this rather neglected activity, without too many expectations – whether in money, name or notoriety, ”Gupte said. in his mail.

Gupte urged BCCI to at least take note of the sacrifices made by the scoring community to pursue an area that was more of a passion than a profession.

“There have been a lot of sacrifices – some have given up their jobs taking early retirement, many have not opted for promotion into professional careers for fear of a move which could have resulted in dropping the rating.” , said the courier.

He also stressed that a proper retirement policy should be given to goal scorers.

“Therefore, the demand was that an appropriate retirement policy be developed and put in place and that retired markers receive retirement benefits in the form of a fixed monthly pension and / or a one-time lump sum and medical coverage., “It said.

In the letter, the retired scorers expressed confidence that “BCCI will certainly work on something fruitful for the benefit of the retired senior scorers”.

Out of 17 scorers, MS Rahman (Jharkhand) passed away some time ago and Sunil Landge of the Baroda Cricket Association was added to the roster from December of last year.

The 17 “retired” scores include three from the Mumbai Cricket Association.

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